tolón FASHION MALL, Caracas’ fashion epicenter

Xinfoni, No Pise la grama, Vanessa Boulton, Adidas Kids, Justice, among others; these brands have been in incorporated, in this past year, to the Caracas’ high-end shopping center

Built on the premise that future is for those who think diffent, and oversee this as a driven-success technique; in the past years, tolón FASHION MALL, operated by Fondo de Valores Inmobiliarios (FVI), has welcomed eleven brands that are aligned with that vision and modern and trending lifestyle.

Considering the previous premise, tolón FASHION MALL designs strategies that adapt to changes and market demands; these designs have made possible for this shopping center gain a position within the fashion’s world and become a reference and a mandatory stop for the best national and international brands; merging innovations and trends within the same space.

In brands
The the women’s fashion segment, the new selection offers brands like Xinfoni, with clothing and footwear timeless pieces; No pise la grama, exclusive design firm for risky and elegant ladies, under the direction of Daniela Panaro; Vanessa Boulton, Venezuelan woman with a wide experience in stunning accessories, handbags and purses; and  Fru Fru /

Naf Naf / Nicole / Sprit, this is a multi-brand store that comprenhends a wide spectrum of the market.

For children and young people, tolón FASHION MALL offers different options like Justice, international clothing brand for adolescents; Bomani, store specialized in colecctions for newly borns and children up to 6 years old; and Adidas Kids, store that offers clothing, footwear, and accessories of this well-known European brand. Suniland Park has quickly ranked as favorite in the segment of children’s entreteintment; this is a modern park with functional atractios for children between the ages of zero-twelve- it also has a snack’s area and facilities to host parties.

In the segement of innovative objects, technology, and gastronomy, there are different options in Venezuela’s Fashion Mall; such as Korotos, store with unique design objects from exclusive Venezuelan and international firms of designers; Samsung, store of the well-known brand that offers the most exclusive cellphones, computers, and camaras; and, coming soon, Babel will strength our gastronomic offer- it restaurant-bar that offers Arab food. These late additions are going to reinforce the basis of the commercial and unique offer that make tolón a unique shopping center for all visitors.

The tolón FASHION MALL, located in the Venezuelan capital, specifically in the Las Mercedes area, is considered as the most elegant and trend-generator shopping center in Caracas, where coexist different luxurios brands that promote fashion and style; this is the reflections of the know-how and excellence that the Fondo de Valores Inmobiliarios give to its portfolio of clients.

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