FVI manages the optimization of its technological processes

100% Productivity

In order to promote the relationship between the private sector and the Venezuelan universities, Fondo de Valores Inmobiliarios (FVI) signed an agreement with Fundación Amigos of the Faculty of Sciences of Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV) to optimize its internal and external processes.

The main objective of this business initiative is the creation of technological tools that allow the optimization of the processes and the interaction in the data management of the company. We aim to be at the forefront in technology and management of social networks with support of national talent, which benefits both our company and the development of our country. Venezuela has talent to spare, says Edmundo Guerrero, Vice President of the Institutional Relations Office of FVI, we want to take advantage of this responding with a business strategy entitle Project 100% Productivity 2016 and 2017.

“One of these objectives is to optimize the administrative system that allows us to control our inventories and, also, to update the documentation of these processes immediately,” he said.

A productive business

Fondo de Valores Inmobiliarios bets once again on Venezuelan talent and on the win – win relationship; on this occasion it joins efforts with the Alma Mater to develop Project 100% Productivity.

“We gave this name to the agreement, because we seek to be much more productive in the business by undertaking an effective process management and a database that encompasses the entire company and provides us, by the use of the Business Intelligent tool, timely and on-line information that will be used to make better decisions, develop projections and foresee opportunities in the market, “Guerrero was reported as saying.

For Robinson Rivas, Director of the School of Computing of UCV, the university partnership with companies is a great opportunity to showcase and demonstrate the potential of academic institutions and their professors.

“This bond with the business sector allows us to be updated on innovation and new technologies. Usually, companies have technologies that we do not have, and we have trained personnel not found in the business world. Today, we want to tell companies that we have professors offering their skills who can help them solve their problems, “he said.

Rivas also stressed, with regard to this alliance, that the manual processes will now be automated, and that will result in a significant saving of paper, reduction of man hours in the processes and in the redistribution of functions in the personnel.

“We believe that FVI is at the forefront of equipment and structures. We want to integrate these technologies in order to get the best use of the tool, “he said.

Fondo de Valores Inmobiliarios believes in supporting the universities, it is up to all of us to give back to these centers of studies in retribution of what they offered to us, and we must also contribute to the teaching of those who study today who are the future of our country, of our children, so we must have a long-term vision.